Galaxy S8+ review: Samsung catches fire (this time, in a good way)

Posted At : 25 April 2017

There's been a lot of talk this year about bezel-less displays on smartphones. Samsung has now delivered the best – and most beautiful – example of how this can makes things better for the consumer, with the Galaxy S8 phones and their not-so-subtly-branded "Infinity Screens." Read on as we review the Samsung Galaxy S8+. The fingerprint sensor is awkwardly placed Always-on display on a sleeping S8+ Glass back of the Galaxy S8+ The long-but-narrow build lets you slip a big-screened phone in your pocket – without feeling overly huge Smartphone screens have only had a few major evolutions in the last 10 years: The first iPhone in 2007 had an impressive enough display for its time, but the first sharp "Retina Display" on the iPhone 4 in 2010 introduced us to a new degree of crispness, with the first hints at the razor-sharp text and lush images offered by the high-end phones of today. In 2011, Samsung had us rethinking "big" (and introducing us to the unfortunate word "phablet") with the Galaxy Note's 5.3-inch display. Remember, iPhones at the time still had teeny-weeny 3.5-in screens. By 2012, Android manufacturers took their own crack at pushing resolution boundaries with 1080p panels, while two years later they ventured into ultra-sharp Quad HD (2K) territory, as display sizes simultaneously ballooned closer to the 6-in range. In a decade's worth of smartphone evolution, though, that's a relatively small list of major screen landmarks. Samsung has now added one of the biggest milestones yet to that list with the phenomenal display on the Galaxy S8 series. The Galaxy S8+'s gently-curved screen pushes boundaries in both size and all-around presentation, while all but eliminating the wasted bezel space that typically frames the front of a phone.